Power BI Service Management Report

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The Power BI Service management report gives you oversight of your Power BI service usage

Date Source / Workspace / Report control Many organisations have an out-of-control Power BI environment with an abundance of ungoverned data sources such as csv / excel files, web sources and multiple connections directly to source systems. A multitude of workspaces have been created that contain even more reports. With no oversight on the creation and management of users this quickly becomes an issue when employees move within or leave the company. Users and Report usage Tracking usage of reports in the Power BI service is a laborious task, typically you would need to create a usage report for an individual report if you wanted to understand usage. This approach quickly becomes unrealistic as the number of workspaces and reports grow. Understanding which reports are most frequently used and by who are important metrics, alongside knowing which reports are not used and which users are not active consumers. Benefits of the Report Financial Saving • Identify Pro or Premium Per User licenses that aren’t being utilised. • Identify high volume refreshes on data sources with consumption pricing. Efficiency • Remove unused reports • Identify reports that are regularly failing • Remove unused workspaces • Identify inefficient data sources • Reduce support desk time with easy access to information Oversight • Good insight into the full environment • Review report activity • Visibility on all data set refreshes • Activity of report creators • Visibility of refresh failures and reasons • Identify data refreshes direct to source or connected to desktop sources like excel.

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