Neverfail Continuous Controls

yayıncı: Neverfail Continuous Controls, Inc.

Neverfail Continuous Controls Dashboard

Power BI serves as the primary dashboard and user experience for visibility and access to the NFCC platform control testing activities. The Control Controls Power BI App can be used to access testing details and outcomes over time for Test Suite, Test Runs, and Audited Components. BUSINESS AUDIENCE Compliance and risk management stakeholders. TARGET INDUSTRY Governance, Risk, and Compliance VALUE PROPOSITION The Neverfail Continuous Controls deployment activates a fully deployed virtual infrastructure, compliance bots, and a Power BI dashboard. This deployment enables organizations and user to: - Understand how the Continuous Controls platform and deployed bots interact with your infrastructure. - Deepen your understanding of the systems architecture and technical requirements to validate against your internal policies, control objectives, and resources. - Preview the value that compliance automation can deliver your organization

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