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Process Intelligence: Automating Process Discovery & Process Mapping plus Advanced Process Analytics

ReVIVE has a extremely advanced cross industry Process Intelligence platform (powerful Process Mining-Automated Process Discovery & Mapping, plus Advanced Process Analytics) to address Highly Complex Processes that traditional approaches were never intended to handle.  

The Problem;

  • Corporations & large government entities operate on extremely complex Business Processes (as many as 100s of steps, multiple decision points per step, across vast global datalakes and large numbers of variables/dimensions & metrics).

  • Lack of full or even adequate Visualization & Visibility plus limited or ineffective Process Analytics is resulting in inefficiencies & unnecessary costs.

The Solution;

  • The advanced architecture of ReVIVE’s Process Intelligence platform automatically Discovers & Maps out these highly complex processes in their entirety giving full visualization & granularity of all steps in the processes.

  • ReVIVE's Advanced Process Analytics then provides the Vision & Insights to enable efficiencies and cost reductions not previously available to the customer.

In addition to Process, it's also about enabling successful Transformations.  

70% of Transformations fail (per C-Suite surveys from large global management consulting companies).  A big reason being, they fail to address Process.  They take a Data Centric approach that often ignores Process.  By taking a Process Centric approach, VIVE uses Process Analytics, which inherently brings data analytics with it, and finds all the data relationships, including those that are process driven.  

Even when Process is considered, Data Centric approaches to Transformation often include a team of people going off for 6 - 8 weeks to understand and analyze the Process(es).

Using VIVE, the customer can reduce this from 6 - 8 weeks to a week or less and find insights that can't be discovered thru traditional means.

VIVE's Process Intelligence Platform is a cross industry domain application addressing Retail, Mfring, Healthcare, Finance, Oil/Gas/Energy, Smart Cities, Government, DoD etc.  VIVE addresses all the usual business processes, including supply chain, logistics, and other business processes.  In highly regulated industries (Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, etc), VIVE can map out the most common process paths, deviations from SME approved paths can be highlighted to the SMEs in real time to detect potential Compliance & Fraud issues.  

The customer can access a free trial, and at any time during or after the trial can purchase an annual subscription directly from ReVIVE.  

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