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Scale AI with Avanade’s AI Transformation Studio

From experimentation to execution: Scaling AI

After a year of observation and small-scale experimentations, business leaders recognize the many ways AI can advance their business. And still, most lack the readiness to scale AI. There is a real fear of being left behind.

93% of organizations believe they must shift to an AI-first operating model in the next 12 months to stay competitive. But achieving value at speed and having the right safeguards in place can be a difficult balancing act – and if businesses don’t get this right, they may fail to realize the full potential of AI and be left behind by their AI High Performer competitors.

However, it is not easy to scale AI, with 87% of AI projects failing to reach production, in part due to; fierce competition for AI talent, technical debt, rapidly changing technology and continually evolving AI regulations, means that AI value at scale is just out of reach for many.

Avanade’s AI Transformation Studio, partners with you to accelerate your AI journey

Our goal is to help you achieve AI value at scale, in a responsible, secure and human-centric way. The AI Transformation Studio is a service that helps you over the course of your AI journey, rapidly mature your AI capability, build and manage AI solutions and enable your people and organization to thrive in an AI-first world.

Avanade’s AI Transformation Studio is a long term as-a-service model that brings an expert team from across Avanade, powered by our assets, accelerators and partnerships; to get to AI velocity quickly and drive AI value, in a responsible and ethical manner.

Key features of our service include:

  • AI Vision: Define the vision and guidelines for safe AI value exploration.

  • Value Architecture: Identify, measure, and prioritize AI solutions based on business value and feasibility.

  • AI Engineering: Develop and manage AI solution lifecycles and their dependencies.

  • Security, Governance & Compliance: Develop responsible AI practices and robust governance.

  • Adoption & Change Management: Enhance AI literacy and support the adoption of AI solutions.

Supporting you across your AI journey.

Get started with a complimentary Value Discovery Workshop (2 hours)

  • Introduction to Gen AI

  • Key lessons learned from our client’s experiences.

  • Open Q&A

  • Facilitated use case ideation and value identification

*Pricing will vary. Following on from this the engagement is an as-a-service model designed to fit your needs

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