Grants Management

yayıncı: Clouds On Mars

Designed to serve needs of public sector organizations, maximizing your grants lifecycle efficiency.

Global situation caused creation of a great number of new, large grants programs. At the same time, old ways of grant’s management are no longer possible. Grants administrative cost spiked and technology innovations need to step in to reduce the burden.

Clouds on Mars Grants Management empowers Grantmakers to manage grants programs better and accelerates the process, so that funds are used where needed most with no delay. 

Designed to serve the needs of public sector organizations, to ease the administrative works and improve impact. 

Solution is designed to help Grantmakers along the entire life cycle: 

* programs creation

* projects submissions  

* evaluations

* funds allocations

* reporting & monitoring

Power Automate decreases the number of manual tasks & integrates with legacy systems; saving time & effort.
Using Microsoft Power BI business-relevant insights were provided to analyze and visualize granting data.
Fast deployment delivered immediate return on investment.

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