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Manage , Train, and Communicate with your Non desk employees from one App

Connecteam is a mobile-first employee management platform for companies with a large non-desk workforce.
a simple, all-in-one employee app to fully manage non-desk teams: engage, operate, train and communicate with the mobile-savvy workforce.

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The complete toolkit for your internal communication

Updates- Share news & updates on employees' news feeds and track their engagement rates

Chat- Instantly message your employees via 1-on-1 and group chats, using a secure chat that you control.

Directory- Find and contact employees, vendors, and customers via an auto-updated company digital phonebook.

Surveys & Live Polls- Survey your employees, gather feedback and gain actionable real-time insights.

Knowledge Base- Build a mobile-accessible information database, easily searchable, and cloud-backed.

Events- Announce, promote and manage registrations for your company's internal events.

Everything you need to run your business in one place

Task Management - Save time & effort, and digitize your daily work process.

Employee scheduling- Simplify staff scheduling from shift planning to distribution

Time Tracking - Give your non-desk workers a better way to track their hours.

Digital Forms & Checklists

A complete HR department at your fingertips

Onboarding and training- create custom mobile-first courses for any business need.

Documents- Create, collect and manage employee documents, from anywhere at any time.

Recognitions & Rewards - Recognize and reward employees' great work.

Timeline- Create and review employee timeline and professional progress

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