Deck Commerce Order Management System

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Deck Commerce is the leading Azure-based order management system for direct-to-consumer merchants.

Order Management. Simplified. 

Deck Commerce Order Management System (OMS) simplifies the complex processes that happen after an order is placed on a brand's or retailer's D2C selling channels through fulfillment. Through the Deck Commerce extension, your orders will import into Deck Commerce in real-time from your storefront and marketplace platforms, such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify Plus, Amazon, and more. OMS giving all teams a single view of all orders to reference and service orders throughout the entire order lifecycle. 

No more layering dozens of extensions or customizing ERPs to service, process, and fulfill orders — Deck Commerce simplifies managing shipments, settling payments, servicing customers, processing returns, and more. From automated workflows to smart routing and inventory logic across multiple warehouses, 3PLs, and omnichannel-enabled stores, Deck Commerce streamlines everything from checkout to doorstep or BOPIS/curbside pickup.

With Deck Commerce Order Management System:
  1. Automatically process up to 98% of orders
  2. Grow omnichannel, multi-brand, and global revenue
  3. Reduce need for outsourcing and internal team bandwidth for OMS maintenance

The Power of OMS

Accurate Inventory
  • Aggregate & update available-to-sell inventory in real time
  • Allocate inventory % to specific channels
  • Set SKU-level safety stock

Automated Workflows
  • Orders aggregate from all channels and up to 98% are automatically processed (inventory, transactions, fulfillment) as business rules are met
  • Automated order processing for even the most complex workflows like preorders, backorders, grace/remorse period, digital items, subscriptions, bundles, kits, pick your delivery date, returns, cancellations, etc.

Streamlined Transactions
  • Automatic triggers for payment, email, SMS, fraud, loyalty, store credits, & other transactions throughout the entire order lifecycle 
  • Tokenization with payment gateways (Adyen, BrainTree, Apple Pay, Cybersource, PayPal, Klarna, etc.)

Profitable Fulfillment
  • Smart fulfillment routing to intelligently source multiple warehouses, 3PLs, drop shippers, store locations, etc. 
  • Configurable capacity, priority, proximity, consolidation, and split shipments rules

Omnichannel Excellence
  • Expose store-level inventory to consumers for BOPIS and curbside pickup
  • Turn stores into micro fulfillment centers with ship-from-store routing and tools
  • Native store fulfillment portal to guide associates through pick-pack-pickup and pick-pack-ship steps

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