Directory Sync Pro

yayıncı: Binary Tree

Establish and maintain syncs of multiple Active Directory environments, for efficient collaboration

During a merger, it’s critical for your users to find each other for collaboration. Directory Sync Pro sets up and maintains a sync between multiple systems and forests -- even between separate internal Directories. Now, users in different organizations can find each other in a shared address book. It is flexible enough to adapt to any environment, from the simple to the complex, meeting unique needs for any organization. With Directory Sync Pro, you can efficiently sync all mail-enabled objects, including users, contacts, mail groups, distribution lists, databases, shared mailboxes, rooms, and resources. You also can do a “dry run” to test the synchronization, first. You can fully automate the process, to be confident your data syncs correctly. And Binary Tree's Directory Sync solutions also provide synchronization between Active Directory and Azure AD, or even between multiple Azure AD environments.

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