Eggplant PoS Automation

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Continuous automation with AI-driven quality for any Point of Sale system.

Because every retailer is different and uses a different operating system, it makes it increasingly difficult to test every possible retail user journey. Point of Sale (PoS) systems are critically tied to your customer's experience, and your revenue.

There are many types of PoS systems which also have to connect to a wide and varied range of peripherals, each store has specific variants and regulations, and systems for administration and merchandising that need to be considered. It can take months to roll out new workflows across a retail company, resulting in lost opportunities and increased competitive risk.

At Eggplant, we understand the complexity of PoS systems. Our Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform is unique because it works with a 2-system model, which allows you to test all devices end to end, from mobile, web, credit card, receipt and finally emulated and physical Point of Sale systems.  We have teamed up with IntelliQA to bring you a turnkey solution of PoS testing software as well as Robotics that simulates various check-out scenarios - leaving you with the confidence that customers skip queues and start enjoying their purchases faster.

The product's AI functionality enables shopping baskets to be varied and different journeys to be simulated.

Increase the accuracy of orders, boost revenue and delight your customers with Eggplant. 

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