Budget Requisition App by Embee

yayıncı: Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

Hassle-free budget approval workflows like never before

The budget approval power app has all the features you need to make your budget approval smooth, streamlined, and error-free. Initiate workflow tasks and form fields with just a click. It ensures that the management team is always notified of budget approvals that are being submitted so they can be actioned upon in a timely fashion.

Features of Budget Approval PowerApp

1.       Better analytics during budget preparation/planning to budget execution cycle.

2.       Improved analysis and monitoring of budget consumption for later.

3.       Increased visibility of budget issues.

4.       Streamlined legal and management reporting Streamlined processes ensure transparency.

5.       Single view to track budget reports, from submission to approval.

6.       Through the process, once the user clicks submit button, the manager is notified via a push notification on their phone and/or an email that a new budget approval request has been submitted.

Benefits of the Application

1.       Digitized and streamlined processes.

2.       Increased control and greater transparency.

3.       Zero errors and faster decision-making.

4.       Retired 3rd party apps that have license and maintenance costs.

Tools & Technologies Used

·         PowerApps Platform

·         SharePoint Online for datastore 

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