Info-Hub Communicator by Embee

yayıncı: Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

Create and Send Mass Communication with Info-Hub Communicator App

Send communications regarding new initiatives, crucial announcements, employee onboarding, and soon with Info-Hub Communicator app. Target multiple teams or a large section of employees over chat with the flexibility of template-based communication.


1.     Create Templates like Image, PDF, Email, Q&A

2.     Add buttons with URL in the template

3.     Sending HTML (Email Template) over email

4.     Schedule the message

5.     Telemetry/Reaction capturing/exporting

6.     Export facility of the Q&A result


  1. Enables corporate teams to create and send messages
  2. Targeting multiple teams or a large number of employees over chat
  3. Template-based communication for new initiative announcements, employee onboarding, etc.

Tools and Technologies Used-
  1. App Service 
  2. App Service Plan 
  3. Bot Channels Registration 
  4. Azure Function 
  5. Azure Storage Account (Table and Blob) 
  6. Service Bus 
  7. Application Insights

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