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EMBRACE Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management and orchestration platform.

1. Description

EMBRACE Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management and orchestration platform. It empowers customers to translate, optimize, execute and monitor any business, broadcast or digital media processes simply and quickly.

  • Design, orchestrate and optimize your business process

Connect people, processes, systems and deliver end-to-end automation across your entire media supply chain from content preparation to delivery.

  • Maximize your existing technical and human resources

Optimize every exiting element of your media supply with software-defined orchestration, easily add external services like AI or Cloud components, improve all operators work experience while reducing risks and managing costs.

  • More channels, more assets, less time and budget? We’ve got your back!

Accelerate a wide variety of content creation and delivery processes by adding the missing glue between ingest, transcoding, AI-based transcription, metadata mining, asset management, asset utilization, automated content processing or postproduction, packaging, versioning egress and distribution.

2. Targets

Media & Entertainment organizations, Content owners, Broadcasters

3. Challenges we solve

The time between concept-production-distribution consumption has dramatically reduced, while the processes, workflows and versions have increased exponentially. Consequently, working as a team is vital, and Pulse-IT renders seamless interactive and collaborative workflows for producers, operators, engineers and managers. The solution includes simple tools for complex situations built with bundled task templates or extended with minimal code that can be performed immediately or as scheduled jobs.

All execution is managed via comprehensive, real-time, role-based, secure web-based dashboards accessible from where you need it. Pulse-IT excels in breaking down barriers and silos while connecting disparate heterogeneous systems to form a cohesive workflow that increases throughput and simplifies operator use.

4. Key benefits

  • Unify people, systems and services
  • Enable teams to collaborate on any business operations with end-to-end process management
  • Simply design, automate, schedule and supervise media supply chains using your existing tools and infrastructure either on-prem, hybrid or fully in the cloud.
  • Low-code functions empowers technical staff to customize integrations
  • Easily orchestrate and leverage any third-party SaaS services such as AI.

5. Typical workflows

  • Man-in-the-middle media workflow
  • Review & Approval orchestration
  • Governance chains with built-in QC orchestration
  • Content localisation
  • End-to-end management and supervision
  • Augmentation of MAM platforms
  • Appending metadata from pre-existing archives
  • Remote triggering from other MAMs for transcoding and transcript functions
  • Remote triggering of AI services (like Azure Video Media Indexer, Azure Video Analyzer for Media or Azure OpenAI Service)

6. Key Features

  • HTML5 Form Designer
  • Workflow Designer and Execution
  • Sequence Designer
  • Task Management
  • Low-code automation
  • REST API, JSON & XML Support
  • Job Scheduling & Management
  • System Dashboard & Notifications
  • Role-based permissions
  • Active Directory Centralized Login

7. Partners' integrations

Complementary to 200 existing tasks and connectors, Pulse-IT has Companion Apps for Avid MediaCentral, Codemill Cantemo, Codemill Accurate Player and native integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe, Emotion Systems and Telestream Vantage.

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