Front Arena Select

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Front Arena Select for cross-asset trading, risk and portfolio management.

Front Arena Select is a robust portfolio and order management platform that covers the full trade life cycle for hedge funds. The solution delivers real-time cross-asset portfolio management, order management, risk, operations and more. Front Arena Select has been built to meet the demanding requirements of a broad range of hedge funds – from startups to established funds – looking for a cost-effective, best-of-breed solution.

Complete Functionality to Meet Your Needs
Portfolio Management

An interactive dashboard gives portfolio managers a real-time view of positions, P&L and risk. You gain consistent visibility across asset classes, including equities, rates, credit, FX, commodities, inflation and volatility.

Risk Management

A broad range of analytics, sensitivities and risk metrics include Greeks, cross-Greeks, DV01, CS01, projected cashflows, value a risk (VaR) and beta to risk factors.

Order Management

Front Arena Select covers the full life-cycle of a trade – from order generation to pre-trade compliance checks, order execution, real-time trade capture, post-trade compliance checks, trade allocation and trade matching


You benefit from a rich set of interfaces and functionality to support hedge fund operations including reconciliations, corporate actions, reporting and trade-lifecycle events.

Managed Service

Delivered as a hosted, managed service, the solution can be implemented in days – empowering you with rapid time to market for your products and services. What’s more, you benefit from managed upgrades, so you have continual access to the latest functional improvements.

Flexibility to handle your fund complexity

FIS’ has an impressive roster of hedge funds clients, covering the widest range of strategies. Broad cross-asset-class coverage and functional depth can handle the complexity of your fund, as well.

Real-time decision support

The cross-asset-class, real-time capabilities enables hedge fund managers to monitor and manage their fund in response to market volatility and events as they unfold.


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