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Transform traditional PowerPoints with whiteboard tools, audience polls, and AI-generated questions.

We’re transforming traditional PowerPoints into audience-focused productive presentations. With effective whiteboard tools, interactive questions, gamification, and AI-generated questions, you can capture interest, crowdsource questions & ideas, and reinforce training objectives.

How Does it work?
  1. Sign up, download, and install ClassPoint
  2. Open any PowerPoint presentation and begin interacting with your audience
  3. Add Interactive Questions throughout your presentation
  4. Use Presentation Tools to annotate and interact with your audience during the presentation
  5. Learn more about the best ways to use ClassPoint

ClassPoint Features:
    • 8 Interactive Question Types including Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Word Cloud, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Slide Drawing, Audio, Video, and Image Upload
    • AI-Generated Quiz Questions based on slide information
    • Unlimited Whiteboard Slides
    • Enhanced Annotation Tools including pens, highlighters, shapes, and text boxes
    • Drag and Drop PowerPoint elements during the Presentation
    • Timer
    • Wheel of Names
    • Embedded Browser
    • Gamification features including Stars, Levels, and Leader Boards

What you can Achieve with ClassPoint:
Seamless Content Enhancement - Use content you've already created in PowerPoint
Efficient Presenting - Never leave PowerPoint with access to all the presentation tools you need without switching apps
Comprehensive View of Audience Understanding - Anonymous submissions allows everyone to feel comfortable responding
Adaptive Teaching Insights - Tailor presentations in response to audience feedback and engagement
Optimizing presentation planning & creation with ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint Plans:
  • ClassPoint Basic: This forever version gives you access to 5 of the 8 interactive question types, max of 25 participants, and up to 3 saved classes. Other limitations include a limit of 5 questions per file, 3 draggable objects, and basic gamification features.
  • ClassPoint Pro: ClassPoint Pro is an annual subscription that upgrades you to unlimited questions, access to all question types, the ClassPoint AI feature, advanced gamification, and more.
  • Enterprise: For enterprise and school plans, your users can access custom branding and webhooks, unlimited ClassPoint AI credits, up to 300-person class size, and a mobile teaching app for more data and review.

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