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Allocation Planning or Medium Term Planning determines the optimal plan for a specific facility

The planning could include planning for Procurement from Suppliers, Planning for Production (Product-Mix) across Multiple Plants, Planning for Allocation of Products from Plants to Warehouse to Markets and Transportation choice of Products from Plant to Warehouse to Market.

  • Our solution is a Mixed Integer Linear Programming solution; an optimization modelling based decision tool
  • This helps the management of Large / Medium size firms to undertake Medium term Planning of Manufacturing and/or Logistics operations
  • It provides the user with the ability to compare the existing plan with the plan created using the tool to determine how it will increase profits or reduce costs
  • It also includes the capability to determine the period-wise and average utilization level of each resource/equipment/process, the bottleneck resources and their behaviour over time
  • This, in turn, identifies the focus for capacity expansion
  • The Aggregate Planning is done for different objectives functions of such as Cost Minimisation, Contribution Maximisation, Service Level Maximisation
  • Test allocation plans by doing different "what-if" scenarios, and accordingly viewing which can have maximum impact
  • The Planning process also takes into account different constraints that make the solution practical and actionable
  • Being Multiple Time Period, it is also possible to find the optimal inventory levels across multiple time periods such that the overall cost is minimised.

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