TMI - Data Oversharing Analysis for Microsoft 365

yayıncı: Invero

Identify overshared data to avoid surfacing sensitive information through Copilot for Microsoft 365.

In the age of AI, all of the power of generative AI is driven by the massive amounts of data that the large language models can leverage to produce useful responses. However, what would happen if the data available to these models included information that was not intended to be exposed beyond authorized users?

Tools such as Copilot for Microsoft 365 now expose all data across your entire Microsoft 365 tenant to the power of Generative AI. There are safeguards in place to respect permissions and data governance rules that are enforced by Purview, but the challenge for most companies is not having the appropriate controls in place and not knowing if users at any point in time might have unintentionally shared data in SharePoint or Teams sites/folders/files with the entire company.

There is an industry term for this, and that is called “oversharing.” Invero has developed software that we call Too Much Information, or TMI for short, that will pinpoint all data across your entire tenant that has been overshared, even if that sharing was done 10 years ago. Not only will we tell you what data has been overshared, we developed a remediation tool that can optionally remove all overshared links and replace them with the smaller set of intended end users who were supposed to have access to the data.

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