Jabil Digital Health Platform

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Jabil Healthcare provides IoMT device development, manufacturing, & digital health platform services

Insights from data are more valuable than devices... but Healthcare, Payors, and our Medical Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical customers often lack the infrastructure to manage and use collected data effectively.

As the Industry Leader in design and development of regulated and non-regulated health products, execution on digital healthcare, product lifecycle management, miniaturization and additive manufacturing, we have the unique means to provide both the collection method (devices) and infrastructure to support collected data (Jabil Digital Health Platform).

Jabil Healthcare is proud to be the ONLY solution provider offering end-to-end development, manufacturing and cloud services, helping our customers excel in this healthcare evolution by speeding clinical innovation, easing compliance to increasing regulatory requirements, and informing the agile evolution of smarter devices.

Our Pre-Built Digital Health Platform offering is built for scale, allowing rapid customization to cost effectively and efficiently serve a wide range of use cases, providing centralized, integrated and interoperable data access required for transformation across the full breadth of the healthcare ecosystem, and device innovation.

Ethnographic approach and ecosystem design to:
  • ensure seamless, "RIGHT" connectivity and EASE of USE for the end-user
  • provide INSIGHTS to deliver real clinical VALUE , enabling informed business & clinical decisions at Point of Need or Care
  • improve outcomes
  • unique device-focused solutions and innovation for our OEM Customers
Digital Twin Capabilities are leveraged to provide:
  • Standardized device connectivity- gaining a competitive edge as a preferred provider of "FIT for USE" devices
  • Device Innovation, Optimization, Lifecycle Risk assessment & Management
  • Post-Market Surveillance support to ease Regulatory burden
  • improve device safety, to gain patient trust, clinical support and payor acceptance of devices
  • Support Value Based Care
  • Patient and Population Risk Assessment to enable Precision Medicine, early Intervention for improved outcomes and lower costs
  • Translate HCP & device data into RELEVANT METRICS to achieve improved payor acceptance, preferred reimbursement codes, and empower HCP negotiationsJ.

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