KPMG Trusted Sustainability

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Trusted Sustainability is KPMG's suite of ESG offerings on Microsoft Technology

Sustainability (ESG) is of growing importance to companies worldwide. Next to formulating and communicating sustainability ambitions, firms want to monitor their progress, what drives this progress and understand what the potential impact is of certain actions. KPMG and Microsoft are both committed to quantify sustainability to make it tangible, measurable and executable for our clients.

Our offerings include: -

  • Powered Sustainability: Designing and supporting clients' sustainability functions to be more responsive, resilient and competitive. Powered Sustainability leverages the KPMG target operating model which includes six design layers and codifies KPMG's knowledge of functional and industry best practice. It is a leading Saas platform pre-configured with pre-built digital assets that incorporate AI and advance automation. At the start of a Powered Sustainability engagement, there is a white labelled assessment phase that will guide the client through identifying and discovering vital ESG datapoints for them to report on. KPMG also takes advantage of its alliances' ecosystem where appropriate for individual clients, for example with Microsoft and Workiva to address a variety of reporting concerns.

  • KPMG ESG Academy: Skilling the organization is key! We create a strong foundation of ESG knowledge with the client organization through curriculum and a comprehensive in-depth syllabus. This includes tips, tools and techniques applying ESG principles, empowering clients with the necessary ESG competencies to lead in the sustainable economy. The academy is a global enterprise scale learning environment designed for customers across industries. Originally developed on Microsoft Azure, and KPMG's Learning Enablement & Analytics Platform (LEAP). It can now be deployed through Micrsoft Viva Learning, and the client's own learning environment.

  • ESG Accelerators: These tools accelerate our ESG advisory services to meet clients' needs faster and better. For example:
    • Trusted Sustainability Insights: This runs on MS Power BI, MS Power Apps, Azure SQL database and Azure Data Factory. By standardizing the data model supporting the dashboards, Trusted Sustainability Insights can efficiently be rolled-out at different clients, reporting on different KPI’s or sustainability topics. Trusted Sustainability Insights accelerates the implementation of sustainability dashboards, while leaving room to tailor the solution to the specific needs of the client. The solution is able to tackle common challenges (e.g., collecting scattered data, producing regular reports that often need to contain information not structurally captured resulting in low levels of trust) in an accelerated and cost-efficient way.
    • KPMG Circularity Tracker: Embedding the circularity tracker in collaboration with KPMG's Circular Economy and Microsoft technology experts, creates the opportunity to monitor circular progress of our client's business and steer on improvement all the time. The circulatory tracker has been developed to help businesses measure and continuously improved their circular performance. The tool automates the data collection from different sources and performs calculation needed to support businesses in their transition towards a circular economy.

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