LAB3 Dr Migrate

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Comprehensive auditing of application and server environments to prepare for migration to Azure

Cloud Migrations are often overwhelmed by reams of spreadsheets, incomplete data, countless tools and months spent trying to piece everything together – before the first migration even  starts. Traditional tools focus on TCO reports and basic VM discovery, leaving large gaps in what a migration program needs to plan, design and execute a successful migration.

LAB3 Dr Migrate is built on native Microsoft Azure Migrate to supercharge the entire migration journey. Detailed real-time dashboards provide in-depth technical analysis, application relationship mapping, network and inventory tracking. Data points discovered are used to automatically produce migration wave plans, detailed designs and deploy migration landing zones using IAC.


  • Automated VM and application discovery, sizing and network dependency mapping.
  • T-shirt sizing of applications and blocker identification for migration to Azure
  • Preparation for next phase to lift and cleanse systems moving to Azure.
  • LAB3 certified Windows Server and SQL Server Migration Advanced Specialization
  • Additional options: Database, Web assessment, App Modernisation report


  • Application discovery using Dr Migrate across your application and server environment
  • Conduct 1 business workshop to discuss deployment approach, business application context, implementation activity
  • Gather information and collate with Dr Migrate to show visual representation of the targeted current state (apps, OS, network, migration blockers)
  • Provide Azure consumption estimates
  • Produce Azure migration wave plan and micro-design for Azure environment configuration

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