Wayfinding platform for people with disabilities


Mobile maps platform to make your space and services more accessible for people with disabilities

There are more than 1 billion people in the world with disabilities, making it vital to bring accessibility solutions into your space so visitors can orient themselves and access information. Lazarillo’s wayfinding platform provides a suite of accessibility services related to visual, auditory, and mobility, to make both your indoor and outdoor spaces and services more accessible for people with disabilities. Visitors are linked with the information for your institution through the mobile application, LazarilloApp. Move visitors to greater autonomy by delivering information about your brand, business, and services in an accessible and automatic way.

Key Benefits: 

  • Visitors with visual disabilities can navigate your venue by audibly receiving visual content while they’re moving around. 
  • Visitors with reduced mobility can be provided with information for accessible routes.
  • Visitors with hearing disabilities can receive visual information about the venue through videos in sign language and using subtitles. 

Outdoor wayfinding: 

Outdoor venues such as parks and sporting facilities can add information to Lazarillo such as opening hours, entrances of buildings, access ramps, room locations, social media links, and more.

Indoor wayfinding: 

Within indoor spaces, Lazarillo maps the floors, routes, and points of interest. It can establish the position of visitors and give them information related to their surroundings including furniture layouts, services, ramps and elevators, exit points, and more. 

How does it work?

Lazarillo’s indoor positioning technology uses Bluetooth Beacons, which are small, autonomous devices that can be detected by smartphones and are easy to install on any surface within a facility. The devices don’t need updates, electronic connections, or internet connection. When someone with the LazarilloApp enters the venue, the beacons send an identifier that the app detects.

Lazarillo’s wayfinding platform has been applied to hospitals, banks, universities, museums, public buildings, shopping centers, and more. It can be customized according to the user’s needs. For example, someone with visual disability can use the app to guide them using audio messages to find the point of interest and services inside the venues. For someone in a wheelchair, the app can guide them by showing accessible routes within a venue. The interface is available in English and Spanish. The mobile app is adaptable in 22 different languages. 

Use the Lazarillo wayfinding platform to create a virtual version of your indoor and outdoor spaces to give visitors with disabilities the access and information they deserve. Click CONTACT ME to learn more!

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