LS Intranet

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Office 365 based Intranet solution for the building of effective communications across the company

LS Intranet is a world-class Digital Workplace and Collaboration Portal enhanced with a game-changing Teams bot and workflow automation engine focusing on employee engagement, teamwork and communication. It runs on top of SharePoint Online to provide you with a holistic approach to the Content Management and Knowledge Management system. It not only could be deployed just in 1-hour but also could be enhanced by custom solutions. Personalization capabilities and seamless integration with other tools of socialization as Microsoft Teams and Yammer give you a possibility to adjust Intranet due to corporate standards on a fly. We know how to properly tailor the Implementation and Change Management process, to drive user journey, to conduct user training in order to reach a high level of solution adoption and usage that we deliver to our customers.

LS Intranet not only facilitates Teamwork Deployment and improves communication but plays a central role in building a successful, inclusive, and engaged collaboration portal. LS Intranet positively impacts on key HR objectives such as workplace satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

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