MetroLink: Your Unified Communication Analytics API

yayıncı: Metropolis Corp

MetroLink seamless connects diverse UC Analytics from Cisco, Teams and more into a single dataset.

MetroLink for Power BI: Your Bridge to Advanced Communication Analytics

MetroLink, a premier offering from Metropolis Corp, acts as both a standalone powerhouse and a robust conduit for your Unified Communications (UC) ecosystem. It effortlessly channels your Unified Communications Call Detail Records to Metropolis Front End Products like Expo XT, XeekAI, Qcloud, and beyond, while also seamlessly integrating with a myriad of PBX, UC, UCaaS, and CCX platforms. This dual capability lays down a unified communications dataset, setting a gold standard for collaboration analytics akin to Twilio, yet uniquely tailored for Unified Collaboration Analytics.

Easily link multiple Unified Communication data sources, including Microsoft Teams REST API, to Power BI and other BI tools. This connection provides interactive data visualizations and smooth integration with a variety of UC connection methods, PBX CDR, UCaaS data, and CCX platforms.

With MetroLink, you're not just connecting systems; you're bridging gaps in understanding, providing a fluid exchange of data that empowers your business with actionable insights derived from every interaction. Whether it's analyzing call details, customizing communication reports, or enhancing operational efficiencies, Metrolink unveils a realm of possibilities.

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MetroLink for Power BI Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly link your Unified Communications platforms with Metropolis Front End Products or blend with nearly every PBX, UC, UCaaS, and CCX platform, ensuring a smooth data transition and a unified communications dataset ready for exploration and analysis.
  • Robust Backend Services & Stand-Alone Capability: With Metrolink deploying all necessary backend services, focus on deriving value from your data. As a standalone system, Metrolink offers in-depth collaboration analytics, mirroring the ease and capability of leading platforms.
  • Tailored Reporting & Advanced Communication Analytics: Turn raw call detail records into insightful analytics, and empower your teams to customize communication reports to your business needs, sans the technical hassles.
  • Rich Legacy, Proven KPIs: Leverage the distilled wisdom from 30 years of call reporting expertise by Metropolis Corp, accessing proven KPIs that drive actionable insights.
  • Scalable Solution & Low-Code Development Friendly: As your business grows, Metrolink scales with you, ensuring consistent performance and reliable insights. A boon for low-code developers aiming to customize communication analytics without the steep learning curve.

Unlock Insights with Metrolink's Unified Collaboration Dataset in Power BI

Metrolink amplifies your data's potential by creating a unified collaboration dataset, meticulously engineered to be easily composable in Power BI. This integration not only harmonizes your communication data but transforms it into a rich canvas of insights. Now, making data-driven decisions is more intuitive and backed by the collaborative intelligence Metrolink and Power BI collectively offer. Discover the ease of dissecting complex communication data, and unveil actionable insights with just a few clicks. MetroLink's seamless synergy with Power BI is your business's gateway to a realm of enriched data comprehension and elevated operational intelligence.

MetroLink is more than a product; it's your gateway to a realm where communication data transforms into actionable intelligence, where every interaction is a stepping stone to enhanced customer experiences and operational excellence. Make the smart move towards comprehensive communication analytics with Metrolink, and let data be not just seen, but understood and utilized to its fullest potential.

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