Trade Promotion Optimization

yayıncı: Fractal Analytics Inc.

Trade Promotion Optimization helps retailers & CPG companies maximize ROI of trade promotion spend.

Promotions for retailers and trade promotions for consumer goods companies (CPG) are a massive expense that often gets considered part of the “table stakes" to remain competitive in the market.

Fractal Analytics is challenging that assumption using machine learning to provide account and promotion managers with the knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t in their promotion calendars. Our (trade) promotion management and optimization solution clearly identifies which historical promotions have provided a positive ROI, leveraging that data to recommend future promotions that are the best fit for each product/market/customer, or other defining factors.

With our solution, you will be able to better identify value associated with your campaign ROI for trade promotions, identify weak performers, and use machine learning to optimize your calendar.

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