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Enterprise Transformation Platform

Orbus Software is the global software provider of iServer, a powerful enterprise architecture platform that orchestrates enterprise transformation. It enables businesses to easily understand their own operations, empowering them to plan, execute and drive strategic change. With iServer, complexity becomes manageable and standardized, collaboration is encouraged, and visibility is provided across the entire enterprise. 

iServer utilizes leading Microsoft applications to extend the power of an organization's EA platform, reducing time to value with familiar interfaces through swift and easy user adoption. This also allows businesses to capitalize on their existing Microsoft investment, re-using existing content in Microsoft formats as well as minimizing training time and software overheads. And most importantly, Microsoft's roadmap drives iServer enhancements, future-proofing its capabilities for longevity.

By providing a scalable, practical, and cost effective platform, Orbus have been a consistent recipient of the Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Enterprise Architecture Tools, winning it every year since 2017. To directly read about our customers' experiences of iServer, follow the Gartner link below.

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