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PowerScalr is the first auto-scaling tool for PowerBI

Auto-scaling has never been easier with PowerScalr: The first tool of its kind created for Power BI Embedded Capacities. Pay ONLY for what you use. With PowerScalr, we leverage Microsoft’s ‘by the minute’ billing capabilities by monitoring and reacting in real-time. PowerScalr can save you 20-70% on your Embedded Capacity costs, depending on your activity. 
The capacities' metrics are monitored every 5 minutes. When a drop or spike occurs that which justifies a SKU scale up or down happens we:

  • create a temporary capacity
  • migrate all workspaces to the temporary capacity
  • scale the original capacity up or down
  • migrate all workspaces back to the original capacity.

This process is called Smooth Scaling, it enables scaling to happen with no service interruptions.
Our current average savings is 40%/month per customer.

You will require the following:
  • AAD Admin or User Access Administrator role on your Subscription(s)
  • IAM Contributor role on the Capacities you wish to auto-scale, as well being a registered Administrator on each Capacity
  • Administrator status on the Workspaces that are associated with the capacities. 

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