Vocamate: Intelligent voice & chatbot PaaS

yayıncı: Prof IT LLC

A platform for creating intelligent voice and chat bots

Vocamate is an automatic cloud service for omnichannel communications based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

On one hand PIT VI can keep up the dialogue with customers by phone using Azure Speech Service as speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis system (TTS). On the other hand service can work as a chatbot on different platforms via Azure Bot Service tools. Depending on the script being run, Vocamate can use machine learning based on Azure ML facilities to automatically classify and appoint the task performer.

One of Vocamate advantages is management flexibility. Integrated business process designer provides simple and rapid transformation of existing workflows and creation of new ones without vendor involvement/ Key features of script editor are:

    • Unified management interface for voice and text interaction channels
    • Unlimited script steps
    • Nested scripts
    • User defined functions
    • Script thread usage statistics
    • Multiple speech recognition and synthesis systems usage in a single scenario to reduce costs
This application is available in Russian.

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