Siemens Polarion

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Agile Engineering Lifecycle Under Control

Polarion is a unified application lifecycle management solution where you can define, build, test, and manage complex software systems in a unified 100 percent browser-based solution that serves small teams or thousands of users at an enterprise-level scale. Innovate, problem-solve, and unlock synergies across distributed teams. Release faster and more frequently while maintaining end-to-end traceability and visibility into your application lifecycle. Achieve agility throughout your organization with the Scaled Agile Framework for Polarion. Protect quality and traceability, and keep your approval process as lean as possible but still stay compliant.
Polarion lets teams collaborate on shared assets easily and securely. Its granular permission controls and robust configurable workflow automation give you total control over what you and your users can access and edit. Granular bi-directional traceability, from modified lines of code right up to high-level change requests.
Advanced reuse lets you reuse or branch your data for an effective sequential or parallel project and product line development. From Requirements Engineer to Product Manager to Software Engineer that works together inside of Polarion all help to create tomorrow's products today!

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