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A secure, easy-to-use financial forecasting and scenario management tool for public agencies.

FAMS – Putting your financial data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

The Financial Analysis & Management System (FAMS) is a subscription-based online financial planning tool designed to support government entities with real-time, intelligent financial modeling. These unprecedented times require real-time understanding of the impacts of changing conditions and the ability to quickly evaluate options in order to take decisive actions in a climate of uncertainty. FAMS is an intelligent, easy-to-use financial modeling tool as dynamic as the times we currently face.

A Single Source of Truth

As a web-based application, you can access FAMS on any device, simultaneously with others at your organization, without any concerns about improper inputs, errors, or version control. FAMS allows for scenario sharing between multiple users and alerts you about data updates. In addition, you can easily integrate and manage your data from a variety of sources all in the FAMS platform.

Make Financial Decisions Quickly and Easily

FAMS makes it easy to optimize decision making with quick toggling between defined inputs and assumptions. It’s scenario management made easy with the ability to create, compare, and share multiple scenarios side by side in real time. This version of FAMS is perfect for small to medium-sized municipalities and utilities, with self-guided set-up and little to no customization needed. It offers all of the features described above, and you can be up and running in hours.

You’ve got FAMS. We’ve got your back.

FAMS is backed by hundreds of years of technical expertise and proven through implementation on thousands of studies. The power of that knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned is available through technical support and as-needed consulting services provided by Stantec industry experts.

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