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A single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets.

TIBCO EBX™ software makes it easy to manage all your shared data assets. A recognized leader in master data management (MDM) and a pioneer in data asset management, EBX software is an innovative, single solution for managing, governing, and consuming all your shared data assets. It includes all the enterprise class capabilities you need to create data management applications including user interfaces for authoring and data stewardship, workflow, hierarchy management, and data integration tools. And it provides an accurate, trusted view of business functions, insights, and decisions to empower better decisions and faster, smarter actions. Customers can now run TIBCO EBX natively on Azure VMs to improve speed of deployment, operation and scalability. Using Using Azure SQL Database as the RDBMS for TIBCO EBX provides a level of reliability, availability, and dependability unmatched by on-premises deployments.

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