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Automation of receiving NFe, CTe, and NFSe integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation

This online RPA offers a comprehensive solution that fully automates the process of managing tax documents, including the retrieval, capture, storage, and processing of Electronic Invoices (NFe), Transportation Invoices (CTe), Service Invoices (NFSe), and other various tax documents. It stands out for its high performance and broad scope, being a differentiated tool thanks to the Supplier Portal and specific methods for managing the NFSe issued to your company.

This system not only anticipates fiscal receipt but also performs automatic reconciliations with purchase orders registered in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central. It supports physical receipt, controls the gatehouse, and seamlessly integrates with companies' purchasing, logistics, fiscal, and accounting processes. The solution excels in information integration, eliminating the need for manual data entry and consistency analysis, maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors.

In summary, this RPA solution transforms the way companies manage their tax documents, bringing an automated, reliable, and highly efficient approach to the process, ensuring tax compliance and optimizing business operations.

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