Export Import Incentive Schemes in India

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Be at the forefront in a globally competitive market with the support of the Exim Incentive Schemes

The Export-Import Incentive Schemes module: developed to provide a financial rich functionality to the manufacturing industries for integrating all the EXIM incentive schemes. And according to the Foreign Trade policy norm, this scheme integrates the entire compliance into a single process, all in one step.

Under the EXIM module following incentive schemes are covered:

1. Duty Exemption Schemes:

  • Advance Authorisation (AA)
  • Duty-Free Import Authorisation (DFIA)
2. Duty Remission Scheme:

  • Duty Drawback (DBK)

3. Export promotion capital goods scheme


  • Crucial analyses of final position for every Incentive schemes
  • Multi-dimensional functionality like Import-to-Export and Export-to-Import utilization
  • Match up with the turnover of exports made under each block year with an annual average turnover of exports
  • Comprehensive details of Imports and Exports made and Indian taxation configuration under the Incentive schemes
  • Tracing between Shipping bill and Duty Drawback applied till the amount realized from the DGFT



  • Posting of Tax relieved based on license selection on Bill of entry
  • Featuring various inquiry forms in relation to export-import transactions
  • Automation of compliances to prevent levy of heavy penalties
  • Auto Calculation of Duty Drawback value from the shipping bill
  • Auto Accounting entry for Duty Drawback benefits and auto entry received from the DGFT

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