Stock Management For Dynamics 365/CRM Sales

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Stock management for Dynamics 365 helps track & maintain warehouse operations & purchase inventory.

Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit Appjetty (a Biztech venture) for trial.

  • Stock Management: Stock management helps you specify the shape and number of stocked goods. By keeping track of on-hand or ordered products, you save the efforts of inventory recount.
  • Generate Purchase Orders: Create a new order or select from existing orders. Add details like product name, price/unit, quantity, and select the suppliers available for a specific product. If you have already assigned a supplier to a product, it gets auto-assigned.
  • Generate Purchase Invoice: Add quantity received from the supplier, change the product price and generate a purchase invoice with a single click with Dynamics 365 Purchase Management Plugin.
  • Low Stock Management: Enable Low Stock Management and alerts for a product with a single click and never run out of stocks. Assign suppliers to a product or add new suppliers from a detailed view of a product.
  • Generate RMA: Generate Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), manage product returns and order cancellations even after the order is fulfilled. Manage stock for the products included in RMA.
  • Generate RTS: Generate Return To Supplier (RTS), manage product returns to the supplier for fulfilled purchase invoices.Also, manage stock for products included in RTS.
  • Manage Warehouses and Suppliers: Manage the products along with their warehouses and suppliers using Dynamics 365/CRM Stock Management. Create new warehouses, add products in them and transfer the stock from one warehouse to another.
  • Inventory Reports: Generate and view multiple reports for the inventory and know about the availability of stocks with the total price. Create an account report containing history of credits and debits made in inventory stock, a summary of total sales, return, and purchases, etc. View suppliers’ purchase orders with ETA. Also, generate reports with RMA/RTS details included in the RMA / RTS, save them in PDF format, and print.
  • User Level Configuration: Configure the report and email access for different users. Specify which users can see which reports and emails.
  • Analyze through Charts: View charts of returned stock of products through Return stock chart and total stocks available through available stock chart for selected products.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: With intuitive dashboard support provided by our Dynamics 365/CRM Warehouse Management Plugin, get instant insights into your business at a glance.Get details about products in the inventory, order related details, invoice related details easily.

Note: Visit AppJetty (a Biztech venture) for more info.

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