Data8 Duplicare™ De-dupe and multi-merge for D365


Advanced fuzzy duplicate detection and multi-record merging

The presence of duplicates can be costly and may cause reputational damage and data compliance issues.  Initial and on-going de-duplication is essential to maintaining high quality data and improving user experience and adoption.

Data8 Duplicare™ has been developed to increase the quality and integrity of your data. It runs on Dataverse, delivering advanced duplicate detection and merging across the Power Platform.

Data8 Duplicare™ offers the ability to merge multiple records with all fields, customisable quick merge bulk de-duping of existing records, all within Dynamic 365. In addition, Data8 Duplicare™ provides advanced duplicate prevention at point of entry, and the ability to merge multiple records with all fields, including custom entities, at point of entry.

Key Features

Merge multiple records at once 'Remember this record' functionality Build your own Match & Merge Rules

Seamless drag and drop functionality; combine multiple records simultaneously & merge any field without losing any required information.

A Data8 exclusive feature, 'Remember this record' allows users to quickly and easily merge two or more records that do not appear in the same view.

Quickly and easily build advanced matching and merge procedures to meet your unique needs and carry out batch deduplication on an unlimited number of records.

Address & Phone standardisation Global Cross-Entity Search CapabilityInteractive Management Dashboard

Automatically modify addresses and phone numbers into a consistent format, enabling greater capture of duplicates.
Cross entity search with configurable fuzzy logic to find records and prevent duplicates being entered.Interactive dashboard to monitor duplicates and identify who is creating and resolving issues