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A highly configurable tool for bulk anonymization or randomization of your sandbox databases!

Data is the oil of the 21st century. Nearly every company is processing and working with personal data on a regular basis. Under Data Protection Regulations (i.e. GDPR) it is not allowed to have real sensitive personal data in non-production environments (sandboxes).

A Customer Engagement production database is practically copied by every company during an implementation or even in a live circumstance. As a result, real sensitive personal information will be visible in i.e. the contact entity, within for example a test environment. This is against Data Protection Regulations, and your organization should ensure that this sensitive information is anonymized or randomized in a proper way.

Our solution closes the functional gap between standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the process necessary to anonymize or randomize your sandbox data in a way that enables your organization to become compliant to for example GDPR.


  • Integrated solution for Data Protection Regulations for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement
  • Configurable anonymization settings and randomization settings definitions for any (custom) entity
  • Bulk anonymization process triggered by a cloud flow process
  • Bulk deletion of Audit History, Posts and Notes that might contain personal sensitive information
  • Entities for sample addresses and sample names used in randomization
  • Analyze progress with configurable Data Masking Dashboard

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