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An all-in-one travel and expense management solution

EvergreenWorx Expenses is a complete travel arrangement and expenditure reporting tool built on Microsoft Power Platform, designed to assist employees and administrators alike. It provides a comprehensive and automated submission tool for travel itineraries and expenses. It increases the value of Microsoft investments while delivering process visibility and expedience.

Business Benefits

  • Increases time and expense approval and reimbursement speeds through automated submission processes.
  • Ensures reporting accuracy and ease by eliminating the need for paper receipts.
  • Improves proactivity and avoid needless travel price surges through collaborative itinerary planning.
  • Intensifies organizational fraud protection through increased expense transparency.
  • Gives insight into company expenditures and employee spending trends.
  • Creates detailed record repository to assist with federal tax filing.

Key Features

  • Expense reporting
  • Expense approvals
  • Manages travel arrangements
  • Manages reimbursements
  • Automated mileage rate calculations
  • Billable expense tracking

What are the benefits of an expense management system?

After payroll, travel and expenses are usually an organization’s second-highest indirect expense, with accounting functions representing up to 23% of the program’s total cost. The average company can use expense management automation to reduce processing time and costs by 40 to 60%, with the investment paying for itself in six to twelve months.

How can an expense management system help an organization’s bottom line?

An Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report found, in companies with more than 100 employees, 11% of fraud cases arose from expense reports. Expense management helps prevent fraud, saves costly litigation fees, and reduces the likelihood of a government audit.

What’s the benefit of managing my expenses within the Microsoft Power Platform framework?

Microsoft’s Azure, Office 365, and Power Platform environments are used by nearly 16 million monthly active users, up by 97% year over year, revolutionizing productivity gains for companies everywhere. Power Platform supports integrations with other Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint and Office365. These integrations present a familiar and easy-to-learn environment for users. In addition, Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually in security to protect organizations’ data. Companies can feel confident placing their trust in Microsoft Power Platform.

About EvergreenWorx

The EvergreenWorx application suite is designed to support your small to mid-size business. EvergreenWorx streamlines and automates your back office, allowing you to stay connected and get things done. Built on the Power Platform, each EvergreenWorx application makes the most of your Microsoft investment with simple, elegant, intuitive, and affordable solutions to every business challenge.

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