ClaraOne: Chronic Care Management


The All-in-One CCM Tracking and Reporting Solution: Fee for Service Edition

The All-in-One Chronic Care Management Tracking and Reporting Solution: Fee for Service Edition

ClaraOne, the first CCM tool on Microsoft Power Platform, simplifies care management program implementation and scalability for healthcare organizations. It efficiently tracks patient data, engagement, care plans, and transitions while providing robust audit trails.

Business Benefits

    • Simplifies patient data management
    • Provides detailed audit trails for every patient activity
    • Analyzes user productivity and enhances visibility into care processes
    • Enables seamless collaboration among care team members
    • Streamlines handling of care transitions with comprehensive process flows
    • Tracks patient activities across various programs and scenarios
    • Automates creation of monthly billing reports by program and CPT code
Key Features
    • CCM, BHI, TCM (guided workflow), with more programs in development
    • Organizational and patient data management
    • Customizable Staff and Admin dashboards
    • Real-time in-app care plan management with PDF generation
    • Secure, dynamic, and scalable document storage with Microsoft Dataverse
    • Time aggregation by program, CPT code, and user
    • Integration with Microsoft 365

Why should you use ClaraOne?
Cost transparency and predictability
ClaraOne's transparent pricing enables accurate budgeting for healthcare practices, eliminating uncertainty of per-patient SaaS models. Scaling or adding programs doesn't trigger increased costs, and there are no hidden fees or complex calculations, reducing administrative burden and allowing focus on quality patient care.
Scalability without financial penalty
ClaraOne facilitates scalable usage without extra patient-based costs, ideal for growing practices. It supports service expansion without increased software expenses, offering access to all programs without upselling.
Fairness and equity
We prioritize eliminating barriers to healthcare organization participation by lowering overall costs, aligning with Medicare's goal for enhanced care accessibility for patients.
Integration with familiar tools
ClaraOne integrates with Microsoft 365, enhancing value in products organizations already pay for. Familiar interfaces minimize learning curves, while seamless integration simplifies communication, document management, and data analysis.
Control and ownership
Using ClaraOne ensures healthcare practices maintain control and ownership of their data and processes. They avoid reliance on third-party SaaS providers, minimizing the risk of vendor lock-in and operational disruptions.
Compliance and security
ClaraOne adheres to industry-leading standards for compliance and security. National security agencies, financial institutions, and health care providers trust Power Platform with their most sensitive information.

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