MobiCure 2.0

Видавець: Accellor Inc.

Full CRM solution featuring Patient 360, facilitating Patient Doctor Interaction and Health Summary

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft Dynamics, PowerApps, Microsoft Teams & Azure Communication Services (ACS). MobiCure adds functionality for scheduling, Telehealth, prescription, and condition management. Moreover, functionality for sales, marketing, and customer service brings together the capability for an end-to-end healthcare business enablement. MobiCure is a HIPAA compliant solution.

MobiCure has accompanying mobile/tablet apps that facilitate omnichannel interaction for the patient, doctor and healthcare workers as required. With FHIR based integration to backend systems, the capability to transact and enable automated processes is seamlessly available. The 360 degree view of the patient provides relevant data based on the role of the user – whether it is a doctor’s aide looking at pre-consultation questionnaire and patient’s health history or a marketing person trying to understand the effectiveness of the latest preventive health campaign.

Healthcare providers have disparate systems requiring users to swivel chair between applications with no unified interface. Additionally, patient data seems scattered across different systems or heavily controlled by one system making it difficult for healthcare providers fully realize and use patient data and interaction history to drive intelligent decision making.

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