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Display info about Users, Products and Recurring Events like Birthdays & Anniversaries rotation.

Spotlight Announcements slider Add-In by is design for Office 365 SharePoint Online!

Built to be a highly customizable and responsive solution that supports spotlight announcements about users, products and recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries.

In version we've decreased the window size / load time, added Font Awesome 4.5 and fixed a bug with Display Date text column!

*SharePoint 2013 On-Premises support has been discontinued

The Spotlight Announcements slider web part is ideal for an Office 365 SharePoint intranet or portal. The Spotlight was built to encourage employee engagement and drive user adoption.

To access the Spotlight Dashboard simple click on the app inside your SharePoint Site Contents. The Spotlight Dashboard is where you will find everything you need to populate content, add alternate images for products, preview what your App/Web Part will look like before adding to a page, customize the spotlight style and layout settings.

Creating a new Spotlight item has been made very simple, below you can see some of the content field options available for new annoucements. Add a little flair to your announcement with a colorful icon, select from over 500 pre-populated icons provided by Font Awesome 4.5.

You can either add a username from SharePoint or populate an alternate image and description. The username field will pull the users name and profile image automatically, however if the alternate image field is populated, it will override the username field with its content. The Display Date field is the date you would like to have the spotlight item displayed.

The Spotlight Story is a plain multiline textbox used for a small paragraph regarding your spotlight. Read More is an optional URL and description field that will only display when content is populated. Hide Item will remove and hide the current item regardless of the display date, this is useful if you need to quickly hide something without deleting it. The Recurring Event field will make the current item repeat every year on the Month / Day that was populated in the Display Date, this is perfect for Birthdays and Anniversaries.

From the Spotlight Dashboard click Spotlight Settings to customize the Web Part settings. You can configure the spotlight to display 1 or more items at a time. You can display item from the past number of days that you determine, the default is the past -30 days. The Spotlight Web Part displays vertically by default but can also be set to a horizontal view. In version 1.5 we've added a customizable slider feature that will automatically scroll / rotate through the items. You can set it to automatically rotate items and how fast they should rotate. With the advanced CSS field your designer can configure the look and feel to suite your branding needs without touching SharePoint Designer. You can always hit the reset but to set all of the fields back to there original defaults.

When you are ready simple add it to a page from the web / app part gallery.

Spotlight Announcements App V1.7

If you have any feature suggestion or questions - please send us an email at

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