Event Scheduler

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Register for the events organized by your organization/client

Event Scheduler app, bridges the gap of registering for an event in your organization or client, based on Date and Time, Slots available with email confirmation.

Register for an event, for like a training/ medical camp based on the time slots designated by the Event coordinator.

Event coordinator can create an event with the info like:

1. Event Start and End Date Time

2. Slot Duration

3. Maximum number of appointments for a slot

4. Break Time and its duration

5. Mark it as all day event

6. Mark it as recurring event

7. Versioning

Attendees can:

1. click on the event and register a slot from Ribbon or Context menu

2. choose from slots available for the selected date

3. Update or delete the registered slot

4. View his/her appointments in calendar and list view

5. Confirmation email on schedule/update/delete

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