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Pickit Images for Teams


Get easy access to visuals and share image collections with your coworkers in Teams.

Legally Cleared™ images for people at work

Get easy access to visuals and share image collections with your coworkers right inside in Teams. You can also add Pickit images to your chat to give your messages a visual boost. 

Pickit helps you save time at work with handpicked HD images, icons and illustrations at your fingertips. Professionally curated for presentations, docs, websites, social media and more.

  • Access our Legally Cleared™ image library
  • Get professionally curated collections
  • Create your own collections

To use the Pickit app for Microsoft Teams, you'll need a Pro account. A subscription costs just $1.99/month, and you can cancel anytime. 

Learn more and try it free for 14 days at www.pickit.com

*By subscribing to Pickit, you're also helping us reward the photographers for their work and make Legally Cleared images the new norm.

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  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474839925/Product_42949681673/Asset_715a8c49-b351-4842-b198-0d6b5916ac2f/01AddPickit.png