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yoyomeeting - Meeting Management

7interactive GmbH

The simple agenda management add-in for Outlook. Set your agenda, take notes and assign tasks.

The most easy to use agenda, task and meeting management extension (add-in), that is right where you already are when scheduling your meetings: in Microsoft Outlook - no need to introduce a new software in your company!

Unleash the following advantages with the yoyomeeting add-in for Outlook and Outlook on the Web:

  • achieve better meeting results
  • end your meetings on time
  • have shorter meetings
  • have fewer meetings
  • have less hassle with the meeting documentation
  • make sure, everyone knows what to do
  • focus on getting things done (instead of talking about it)

and non the least:

  • have more fun on the way!

The agenda panel add-on for Outlook assists before, during and after your meeting!

BEFORE your meeting

  • Set your agenda with just a few clicks
  • Define a goal for each agenda item
  • Set time boxes for all agenda items
  • Load agenda templates for even faster agenda set up

DURING the meeting

  • Monitor time boxes with visible clock
  • Take structured meeting notes
  • Assign individual tasks to participants
  • Record valid decisions
  • Collect side issues and do not get distracted

AFTER the meeting

  • Meeting notes? Already done!
  • Distribute personal tasks right into the attendees inboxes
  • Rate your meeting
  • Provide meeting summary to everyone

yoyomeeting supports your company to get things really done. And with yoyomeeting even inexperienced meeting hosts can achieve great results! Test users report using yoyomeeting in their everyday meetings, boosts their productivitiy about 25%!


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IMPORTANT: To use this add-in, you need a valid "Office 365 Business Premium" or "Office 365 Business Essentials" license.

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