Collaborate - Leave Management

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Apply and manage your leave requests online

Collaborate – Leave Management

Collaborate – Leave Management is a SharePoint application intended to help organizations manage leave requests through modernized UI. Employees can apply for their leave, check their leave balance, and track the status of their requests. Collaborate – Leave Management is a highly configurable application that can address the leave management needs of any organization.

Manage leave request:

Collaborate – Leave Management can be managed by administrators and HR personnel who can add multiple leave types, request types, office locations, manage holidays, configure user's leave approval process, and so on. After the approval of a leave request, a person with an HR role will be able to manage those requests by having the possibility to cancel specific dates and to change leave request types.

In addition to that, administrators and HR can create teams and assign team leaders and managers who can check their team leave calendar at any time.


• Submit leave request by giving users the option to select the leave dates on the calendar (single day, multiple days, or distinct dates)

• Additional Days Request (Replacement Days Request in case an employee worked on the weekend)

• Managing Holidays by delegated roles

• Interface for end-users to view the status of their requests or approve a pending request

• Personal leave calendar to view current user leave requests

• Holidays’ view and management

• Check leave balance

• Team leave calendar

• Configurable leave types and request types

• Configurable calendar weekends and workdays

• Apply “on behalf of” feature available for an HR role

• Splitting leave requests

• Multiple Office Locations options with custom settings and holidays for each office location

• Single level and two-level approval based on the selection of approval levels

• Leave balance management per year

• Roles management (HR, HR officer, Manager, Administrator)

• Locking leave requests

• Approval process to unlock leave request by HR officer to be editable

Detailed leave reports:

Detailed reports with information such as:

• Check all leaves taken by users with filtering options

• Leave Requests report to check all submitted leave requests

Mobile access:

Collaborate – Leave Management interface is a responsive and mobile-friendly application accessible from any mobile device by authenticating to O365 from browsers or SharePoint application installed on the mobile.

Microsoft Teams:

Collaborate – Leave Management can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. Please contact us to assist you on how it can be integrated.

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