Enable your team to engage and chat with qualified prospects on your website

Insent is a human-first conversational marketing platform that helps you identify and speak with the buyers you worked so hard to attract when they’re on your website. Chat with your prospects from your Microsoft Teams itself.

- Filter the qualified from the not-yet-readys.

- Turn unknown visitors into known prospects

- Enable sales reps to chat with their most engaged visitors

- Alert sales when their target accounts arrive

Conversations on-site generate more leads, accelerate deals, and book meetings around the clock.

Real-time qualified notifications on Teams

- Notify your sales team when prospects from your target accounts visit your website, where they work; MS Teams.

Know how to open a conversation

- Our integration with your MAP and CRM gives you an account view of their engagement data to craft the perfect outreach.

A smarter way to generate pipeline

- Have an immediate impact on the metrics that matter: sales opportunities

Insent was built to support your Marketing and Sales teams to accelerate your pipeline and lead generation. It also works as a support platform for customer success, ABM, and more. With its deep native integrations with your existing CRM and Martech Stack, reverse IP resolution, account identification, targeting, configuration, and more - you can automatically identify existing and unknown customers who arrive on your website.

Sales and marketing can finally work together and roll out the red-carpet for when your target accounts arrive.

Note: Insent is an enterprise chat platform. For sign up visit

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