Share and Collaborate on Sparx EA models using Prolaborate app for Teams

Sparx Systems Prolaborate lets you

  • Simplify and Share information from your EA models with EA stakeholders
  • Publish them in knowledge management tools like Confluence and SharePoint
  • Collaborate with business and non-EA users through discussions and reviews
  • Integrate with Jira and Azure DevOps
  • Visualize model information through rich and dynamic charts and visualizations

The major capabilities of Sparx Prolaborate include the ability to

  • View Enterprise Architect Models anywhere and anytime in your PCs and iPads. No thick client software required!
  • Offer intuitive and user-friendly experience by publishing just the relevant details based on roles
  • Greatly reduce complexity by limiting the visibility of contents to the intended audience
  • Curate model information into rich and user-friendly dashboards based on roles or teams
  • Create and edit model elements using a web-based Excel interface
  • Integrate Prolaborate with any identity providers like Active Directory, Azure AD, Microsoft ADFS, Okta, Mini Orange, Oracle ICS, IBM SAM, etc.
  • Publish live EA diagrams to your pages from within Confluence using the Prolaborate macro
  • Embed live and interactive diagrams from EA Models directly into SharePoint
  • Create unified views through seamless light-weight integration with tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, etc.
  • Create contextual discussions and gather feedback quickly from all the stakeholders
  • Make your review process agile by enabling the right teams to perform the detailed reviews
  • Share models and send out invitations in an efficient way to engage non-EA business professionals
  • Publish customized views of the EA repositories with rich and dynamic dashboards to the wider community
  • Create dynamic and interactive graphs and charts based on model metadata and tagged values
  • Build in-depth reports from EA Models and export them as Excel files to share with your teams
  • Get shareable links and view comments and feedback from within Enterprise Architect
  • Create Strategy maps, Application Portfolio or Service landscapes using the multi-level landscape diagrams
  • Make complex architecture data understandable at a glance through Tree maps and Sun burst charts
  • Perform impact analysis and get an accurate understanding of scope, implications, and risks
  • Visualize, understand, and analyze relationships to highlight the impact of business changes
  • You need to have an active subscription of Prolaborate to use the app

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