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Select any sentence in Word & view the most relevant pages from discovery, plus do a TOA in seconds.

Use Clearbrief to leverage AI when working in Microsoft Word to save around 7 hrs of tedious litigation work per week while improving the accuracy of your legal writing. With Clearbrief, you can:

- Save hours in finding factual support for your demand letters and pleadings with the “Add Cite” button: select any text in your Word document and instantly view a list of suggested pages from the discovery or transcripts related to that concept

- Analyze a Word version of your opponent or judge's filings to quickly view the underlying legal and factual sources cited and spot their mistakes; no legal research login needed

- Build a perfectly formatted Table of Authorities in seconds with patented AI, no tagging needed

- Easily create a hyperlinked, secure, web-based courtesy copy of your demand letter, brief, exhibit list, or motion from Word to share with your judge, clients, the parties, and even the public to help them understand the reasoning behind your arguments

Clearbrief (New Law Company of the Year 2022, Legalweek) is loved by hundreds of large and small private sector litigation firms across the country, as well as numerous government agencies and court systems. Our SOC2 report is available via request.

Lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, court clerks, judges, law students, and other users can install the award-winning Clearbrief Add-In from the Microsoft Store and start using it once their account is activated by the Clearbrief team. Continued use of the platform beyond any free trial period requires a subscription purchase at Please contact for assistance in activating your account.

Clio users can also upload documents directly from their Clio account into Clearbrief for Word using our integration.

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