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This LegalTech app helps you quickly and efficiently check "Defined Terms" in your documents.

Defined Terms Checker is a LegalTech that app automates the process of checking that every defined term in a contract is used correctly and that no definitions are missing. It vastly speeds up this otherwise laborious process and helps you ensure your documents are error free.

The Defined Terms Checker app was created by a lawyer for lawyers, but it is also incredibly useful for other professionals as well.

To function, the defined terms in your document must be enclosed by curled or slanted quote marks, i.e. “Good” and not "Bad". This is the standard form of quotes used in Word so most documents will be fully compliant by default.

To operate the app all you then need to do is click the "Check Definitions" button. View the video below for a demo of the app in action.

Data privacy: This app has been designed with data and client privacy in mind. Unlike competitor products, this app carries out all analysis and processing of your document locally on your computer and your document will never be transmitted to our servers for processing or any other purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, this means we do not get to see what it is written in your documents.

Performance: For the best experience, it is recommended that you use this add-in with the Desktop edition of Word. This is as the definition checking process is resource intensive and works best when run inside the Word app. However, for short documents (under 20 pages) the Word Online version will likely be fine.

Pro version: This is the free edition of the app, a pro version with additional features is under development.

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