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Personio is your one-stop HR solution for SMEs.

Personio is the all-in-one HR software for SMEs, digitizing and automating processes, seamless integrations, and data-driven insights. The solution includes HR management, recruiting and payroll and supports all core HR processes

The Microsoft Teams app can be activated straight from the Marketplace inside the Personio settings – just click the "Connect Microsoft Teams" Button and follow the steps described. After you have inserted your Personio API credentials, you can configure the integration to your specific needs.

Here's what the Personio Microsoft Teams app allows you to do:

  • Daily update Stay on top of what's happening in your team or department with the daily update message. Every morning, Personio will send an update with today's absences, birthdays, anniversaries and new-joiners straight to relevant Teams channels. To ensure that the update is relevant for members of each channel, the message can be sent to multiple channels and filtered by team, department and office.
  • Absence requests Absences, such as vacations and sick days, can now be requested without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Simply navigate to the Personio app in Microsoft Teams and enter the command "Absence". Afterwards, you'll be able to select the absence type, duration and submit the request. Your approver will be notified just as if you made the request directly in Personio.

You will need an active Personio account to use this app. Please contact our support team for more details.

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  • надсилати дані через Інтернет
  • Ця програма може отримувати доступ до персональних даних в активному повідомленні, наприклад номерів телефонів, поштових адрес або URL-адрес. Програма може надсилати ці дані сторонній службі. Вона не може читати або змінювати інші елементи у вашій поштовій скриньці.

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