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Acterys Add-in for Excel adds comprehensive planning and write back with SQL and Power BI models.

The Acterys Add-in for Excel Online enables users to run comprehensive planning processes and write-back to SQL Server and Power BI data models: directly in their familiar, flexible spreadsheet environment on all versions of Excel: Desktop, Online (in web browser) and Excel for Mac.


  • Avoiding manual report/planning form maintenance with a live link (read AND write) to a central data model
  • Users can effectively collaborate on one, automatically updating Excel workbook for all reporting & planning requirements
  • Master data management and table editing for large (multi-million row) tables with the ease of Excel


  • Unparalleled planning features like top down, bottom-up data entry, allocations, "enter & copy like", etc. either from regular Excel Pivot Tables or using smart worksheet formulas.
  • Advanced planning features with Power BI and SQL Server data sets either in Excel PivotTable, Excel Cube Formulas or the revolutionary Acterys Grid which combines PivotTable ease with formula flexibility
  • Edit tables and Acterys Dimensions with all the ease that Excel provides like copy/paste, drag & drop, using formulas etc.
  • Store comments on any level of the data model in PivotTable or Acterys Formulas.
  • Drill through to configurable source record details even in DirectQuery mode.
  • Effective security for all actions governed by detailed user rights and audit trail processes.
  • Work with and update data in your Power BI datasets

Important: The Acterys Add-ins for Excel require an active Acterys subscription. A free trial is available at: Start Your Acterys Trial

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