Compliance Tracker 365

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Target important content. Track when it's read. Report on who's reading it.

Compliance Tracker 365 is a Microsoft SharePoint Online application to target and track who has read content.

It allows documents and pages to be targeted to groups of people for reading using simple tags. Content which matches a person’s profile tags is highlighted and the read state of all targeted content is available in configurable compliance reports.

Compliance Tracker 365 can be implemented in any new or existing Microsoft 365 environment to ensure essential information is read on time by the right people. All data is 100% stored in SharePoint Online lists and libraries.

Target - Guarantee that the right people are reading the right content.

Track - Record who and when the content is read.

Report - Generate reports to identify both read compliance and non-compliance.

Compliance Tracker 365 can be used for 30 days with a trial subscription. If you would like to continue using the application after the trial period, fill out the form at and one of our customer service representatives will follow up.

The Compliance Tracker 365 solution consists of:

  • My Reads web part - displays a list of documents and pages that you need to read
  • Page Tracker web part - allow staff to acknowledge when they have read a document or page
  • Compliance Tracker 365 lists - 4 SharePoint lists that store the configuration and logs used by Compliance Tracker 365.
  • Compliance Tracker 365 Management - a set of pages for administrators to configure the solution and to access reports

The solution also integrates with the PnP Modern Search web parts to show read tags on search results. This requires the installation of two additional apps - PnP Modern Search web part & Compliance Tracker 365 PnP Search Extension. Read how to integrate in our docs site

All Compliance Tracker 365 documentation is available at

Latest change log is available at

Note: The solution does not deploy tenant wide. Add it to each site where Compliance Tracker 365 is to be used.

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