Conga X-Author for Contracts Advanced


Conga X-Author for Contracts Advanced is a Microsoft Word add-in that lets you work on contracts

• Conga X-Author for Contracts Advanced is a Microsoft Word add-in leveraging patented technology created by Conga to help you fully manage and streamline your contracts from within your beloved Microsoft application.

Contract administrators and users (based on assigned permissions) can create and manage templates; manage and access the clause playbook; review, collaborate and negotiate on contracts; review and act on extracted contract data and risk; and more.

• This advanced contract administration tool is a part of Conga CLM, which is a robust contract lifecycle management solution built to automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, departments, and contract needs to mitigate risk, reduce cycle times, and empower your business to scale. Conga X-Author for Contracts Advanced requires an active subscription to Conga CLM. Learn more about Conga CLM and its Conga X-Author for Contracts Advanced tool

Key capabilities and benefits, all within Microsoft Word:

• Create and manage contract templates with ease

o Including: create, clone, check-in and out, use tables and sections, and insert smart or read-only fields or clauses

• Access the Clause Library to use approved clauses and alternates

• Add and manage dynamic rules and conditional logic within the template

• Manage complex negotiation cycles easily using familiar functionality like track changes

• Collaborate on contracts in real time, both internally and externally using Office 365 comment and tagging functionality

• Reconcile negotiated terms, clauses, and smart fields in a single click

• Support for versioning of agreement documents

• Lock an agreement from editing

• View intelligent data extraction results including risk analysis and recommended alternative language

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